Ophthalmic Pipeline

Calpain Therapeutics is examining the potential for it’s proprietary library of compounds to treat unmet medical needs, relevant for both front and back of the eye diseases.

Front of the Eye #1 (Cataract): One of our compounds is a proprietary Calpain inhibitor that has been shown to effectively slow down the rate of progression of cataract by 27% in a unique sheep model of the disease in which the animals develop full cataract in about 8 months. It has undergone basic confirmatory pre-clinical studies in a proprietary human lens model, where the initial data that have been obtained are promising in terms of early stage protection.

Back of the Eye (Glaucoma): We are examining a first-in-class pre-clinical drug candidate that confers neuroprotection upon the RGCs.  

Back of the Eye (Ischaemic Retinal Disease 1): We are developing a first-in-class pre-clinical drug candidate formulated to treat retinal diseases by neuroprotecting RGCs and potentially the retinal tissue by aiding vascular recovery.  

Back of the Eye (Undisclosed 1,2,3): We are evaluating the potential application of our technology in retinal diseases that satisfy the requirements of orphan status based on prevalence and unmet medical need.