Ophthalmic Pipeline

Calpain Therapeutics is examining the potential for it’s proprietary library of compounds to treat unmet medical needs, relevant for both front and back of the eye diseases.

Indication #1 (Cataract): CAT811, our lead compound, is a proprietary Calpain 2 inhibitor that has been shown to effectively slow down the rate of progression of cataract by 27% in a unique sheep model of the disease in which the animals develop full cataract in about 8 months. CAT811 is currently undergoing confirmatory pre-clinical studies in a proprietary human lens model.

Indication #2 (Glaucoma):  CAT811 is also under pre-clinical examination to treat retinal ischaemia and protect the retinal tissue by aiding recovery from an ischaemic event. This molecule is shortly to undergo pre-clinical studies in a well-known in vivo ischaemic retina model to confirm protection on retinal ganglion cells and maintenance of a more normal eletroretinogram, indicative of a protected retinal function.