Calpain Therapeutics is developing a library of proprietary compounds to treat ophthalmic diseases representing major causes of blindness and unmet medical needs globally.

Ophthalmic Indications


According to the World health Organization (2010), cataract is the leading cause of reversible blindness, representing 51% of global blindness or approximately 20 million people. The National Institute of Health predicts that by age 80 more than half the people in the United States will have a cataract or have had cataract surgery.

The number of people in the world suffering from cataract is predicted to increase due to growing and ageing populations. While cataract can be treated by surgery, the current surgical capacity on a global scale is insufficient to meet the anticipated future demand.

Calpain Therapeutics’ lead drug candidate is a first-in-class pre-clinical pharmaceutical for the treatment of cataract.

Delaying cataract onset or progression may have a significant impact on the quality of life of early- and mid-stage cataract sufferers and may reduce the amount of surgeries required with potentially significant savings to community and Government medical programmes worldwide.


The World Health Organisation estimates that Glaucoma is responsible for 12% of all blindness or 4.5 million people globally which may grow to 80 million people by 2020. Glaucoma is a group of age and genetically-related eye diseases which cause restricted vision which progressively worsens leading to irreversible blindness. The exact cause of glaucoma is unknown, but elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) is thought to be the major cause of the optic nerve damage that typifies the disease. 

The primary treatments for Glaucoma are medication and/or surgery that lower intraocular pressure. Unfortunately while these treatments do treat the cause of optic neuropathy they do not work for all patients, especially those with normal intraocular pressure whose symptoms can continue to worsen.  

We are developing first-in-class pre-clinical drug candidates to treat Glaucoma by conferring a neuroprotective effect on the retinal ganglion cells to reduce loss of vision associated with death of these photoreceptors.  

Conferring protection on the retinal ganglion cells has the potential to have a significant impact on the quality of life of early- and mid-stage glaucoma sufferers, with potentially significant savings to community and Government medical programmes worldwide.

Strategic Partnerships

Calpain Therapeutics is currently seeking strategic development, marketing and investment partners with a track record of success in ophthalmology or pharmaceutical product development to assist us in developing our ophthalmology assets. If you are interested in discussing partnering opportunities, please do get in touch via the Contact Us button at the top of the page.

Calpain Therapeutics regularly attends international ophthalmology meetings. If you wish to meet us in person, the latest News section of our website lists the meetings we are planning on attending in 2018.


Calpain Therapeutics welcomes new opportunities to out-license our ophthalmology assets. 


Calpain Therapeutics is actively looking for new ophthalmology opportunities to add to our pipeline. If you have an ophthalmic technology (diagnostic, device or drug) ready for commercial development, please do contact us.